Department of Medical Physics and Clinical Engineering,

Royal Liverpool University Hospital, Liverpool, UK

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The Ornstein-Uhlenbeck 3rd-order bandpass filter (OUGP) applied directly to the

un-resampled Heart Rate Variability (HRV) tachogram for detrending and low-pass filtering


A C Fisher1,4, A Eleuteri1, D Groves2 and C J Dewhurst3

1 Dept. of Medical Physics & Clinical Engineering, Royal Liverpool & Broadgreen University Hospital, Liverpool, UK

2 National Refractory Angina Centre, Royal Liverpool & Broadgreen University Hospital, Liverpool, UK

3 Dept. of Neonatal Medicine, Liverpool Women’s Hospital, Liverpool, UK

4 Dept. of Physics, University of Liverpool, UK


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1. A website demonstration of OUGP running on an automation instance of MATLAB 2008a. Although developed using MS Windows (MSW) for the JavaScript-enabled MS IE6+ browser, runs in most of the common browsers under both MSW and LINUX (viz FireFox & Safari): see here

2. Some help on setting bandwidths see here

3. Open Source Code (MATLAB 2006b+)

      i. Gaussian Process Ornstein-Uhlenbeck bandpass filter : gpousmooth_2.m  see here

      ii. Optimized Lomb Scargle Periodogram (fLSPw: fastest Lomb Scargle in the West ): fLSPw.m   see here