Coloured Noise Generator: an example using MatSOAP
This application allows the User to build vectors of coloured noise.

The 'colour' of the noise is defined by its f exponent viz:

f 0 white (Gaussian), f -1 pink and f -2 Brownian

The bandwidth is set using a 3rd-order FIR zero-phase filter. Cut-off points are in normalised units [0 ... 0.5]

Data are exported in ASCII as a 2 columns of numbers (time [ms] ; amplitude [arbitrary] ) to 5 dp's. The filename extension is set to 'csv': the download mechanism is determined by settings on the User Browser. Under MS Windows, if MS Excel is 'associated' with the '.csv' file extension, data appear in an Excel spreadsheet.

This application uses MatSOAP (see details) to communicate between the User Client and a remote automation instance of MatLabŪ.

The webpage GUI is developed for the MS IE6+ browser: deployment in other browsers is not guaranteed.



Dept. of Medical Physics & Clinical Engineering, Royal Liverpool University Hospital: email: Tony Fisher (MatSOAP Project)